Zhejiang wenxin mechanical & electrical co.,ltd. It lies in the developed seaport- Jiaojiang, Taizhou city of Zhejiang Province,where the traffic is very convenient, With a full system of research, manufacture and marketing .Wenxin is a comprehensive ...
  • ADD: Weiguo Industry Area,Sanjia,Jiaojiang district, Taizhou city,Zhejiang Province,China
    TEL: 0086-576-88121373 0086-88121353
    FAX: 0086-576-88121289
    E-mail: sales@wenxinjidian.com
Mode: 168F1-22D1A
Mode: 768C
Mode: WX-12E
Mode: WX-08B
Mode: WX-PJ-20B
Mode: WX168F1-30A-F
Mode: WX-8500
Mode: WX-ZB50B
Mode: WX-ZB50A
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